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Horses For Sale/Sold!!!


Horses for Sale

(Note: prices are negotiable)

Mary, the Walkaloosa Mare

Mary (Arctic Mare) is a 1994, 14-3 hand few-spot leopard walkaloosa. She is an experienced lesson and trail horse and is easy to ride. She responds to light aids and has no vices (well, she is afraid of shots). Her gait is called an Indian shuffle and is slow compared to a Tennessee walker's gait. You can see it on a video entitled Mary the Walkaloosa mare. $650


Cisco is a half-Arab/half-Mustang gelding born on the farm in 2004.
He is a people-loving horse with plenty of stamina and presence.
He has the moves of a dressage horse although he is only 14-1 hands.
He has been used primarily as a trail horse and is learning the barrel
pattern. He has the potential for a more specialized discipline. $650
His 2008 son by an appaloosa mare iis now for sale. He has his dam's spots and is ready to train for any discipline. $500 



 LOAD-O-CHROME is a 2001 registered Tennessee Walking Horse daughter of Grand Champion, KODACHROME! Chrome is a proven broodmare and experienced trail horse.  REDUCED!!! to $1200. 

Our newest addition

Sadie is a 2005, 15-16 hand Tennessee Walking Horse mare with a wonderfully smooth gait. She is a chestnut sabino rabicano, a very unusual color. She has had plenty of trail experience and is easy to catch and loves people, especially women. $1200